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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A cupcakes for my neighbor

Make this cc for my neighbor at block c for her aqiqah her newborn baby. Also as my buah tangan to her !
for my sister, mak uda ... see, finally makyang boleh buat bunga ni ! cantik tak?
Keep in fridge just in case to avoid from my kids ngap-ngap !!!

Thanks for viewing my cuties cupcakes, finally, dapat jugak buat bunga ni.
Nak rasa satu? emm order lah kat I.

The making of cupcakes

The making of cupcakes (3rd trial). Make for my neighbour, as my buah tangan for her son 1 yr old, UMAR.
Proses yg pertama
proses ke dua
dan lagi ...
together we work as a TEAM (mailto:?@#$) mencomotkan dapur !
TA DA ... inilah hasilnya !

Finally, ready to deliver to Umar's house at Vista Amani .... yey yummy cup cakes !

cupcake decorating tips

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