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Friday, July 22, 2011

Kuih Raya 2011

As salam, 
Alhamdulillah, Nuha Delights's products still available with added some items or existing products but with new injection of flavours to suite your needs.
All Kuih Raya is fresh from the oven and home made based.

Semperit Bunga
RM35 for 100 pcs/jar

Kuih Gunting ( a bit spicy and so crunchy)
RM15 for 500 grams

Nestum Cookies
RM25 for 50 pcs/jar

London Almond
RM25 for 50 pcs/jar

Purlish Cookies
RM25 for 50 pcs/jar

Honey Cornflakes
RM25 for 50 pcs/jar

Traditional Kuih Sepit/Kapit 
made by my auntie, Angah - her specialty & experty since 1980s 
RM30 for 100 pcs/jar

For coffee lover, this cookies is for U !
Mocha cookies - 2 layout with white chocolate
RM25 for 50 pcs/jar

Crunchy Nestum 
- made from "kulit popia" with milk and nestum.
Kids for sure like it
RM25 for jar

Bubble Rice
- kids's favorite
RM25 for 50 pcs/jar

Remelex/Romalex Cookies
- cookies covered by chocolates and breadcrumb
RM25 for 50 pcs/jar
& highly recommended, you won't regret, yummy & crunchy!

Mini popiah
- with serunding ikan, homemade from Kelantan
RM25 for 100 pcs/jar

Mini Karipap
- with serunding ikan, homemade from Kelantan
RM25 for 100 pcs/jar

Putu Kacang
- My auntie specialty & Core Products with homemade flour using traditional "machine"
RM30 for 100 pcs/jar

Kuih Bangkit  
- My mom specialty & Core Products since 1970s.
RM20 for 70 pcs/jar

Order for more than 7 jars/items (mix) will get discount
Order for more than 15 jars/items will get free delivery (TOR apply)
sms Nuha Delights @ 0192865353.

TQVM & Jazakallahukhairan !

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